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“Why Settle for an Amateur-Looking Book Interior that People Will Hate Reading?”
Once You Understand Book Formatting 101, Your
Book Interiors Will NEVER Look Amateur AGAIN!
A Personal Note From Tony Laidig...

I hate to break it to you but, if you are designing and self-publishing your own books, chances are that your book interiors are likely screaming AMATEUR! Here’s the thing...
It’s NOT your fault!
There are SO many “Publishing Experts” out there who know how to talk the talk when it comes to book design but, in reality, are CLUELESS on how to design and layout a professional-looking book interior. 

Just because a marketer published a few books doesn’t make him or her an expert. That’s like trying to get advice about how to earn 7-figures a year from someone who only makes 5-figures a year themselves.
That doesn’t work for me...and it shouldn’t for you either!
You want to learn how to make your book look AMAZING from a book design expert...someone who has actually designed books for major publishing companies who publish bestselling authors around the world.

Makes sense, right?

Now I realize that the idea of “professional design” immediately sounds hard because chances are you have never laid out a book THE RIGHT WAY before...and that’s okay! It is actually EASIER than it sounds...once you understand HOW professional book designers work!
And THAT is what “Book Formatting 101” is all about!
In this brand-new, LIVE training taught by professional book designer, Tony Laidig, you will be equipped with everything you need to design and layout your own books using the methods normally kept secret by professional designers (after all, it’s how they make their money). 

Even if you have never laid out a book interior before, the methods and strategies shared in this new, comprehensive (and beginner-friendly) training will have you designing books like a seasoned pro!

Whether you write non-fiction or fiction, this training is PERFECT for you. It will guide you through step-by-step demos, professional design standards, and more using today’s most popular design programs!
Here Is What to Expect in “Book Formatting 101”:
  • Module One: Design Rules That Make Your Book Layout Look Professional!
  •  Module Two: Formatting Your Book’s Interior Using Microsoft Word.
  •  Module Three: Formatting Your Book’s Interior Using Affinity Publisher.
  •  Module Four: Formatting Your Book’s Interior Using Adobe InDesign.
  •  And As a BONUS: Easy Book Tutorials (full training)!
Your Investment Today...
When I worked as a full-time book designer, I charged a minimum of $10 per page for book layout. That means the average 160-page book interior cost over $1,600+! So sharing the knowledge gained from designing nearly 600 books over 20+ years is priceless and easily worth tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is that I have a driven desire to empower self-published authors to take control of the process themselves. As a result, instead of charging a no-brainer $997 or more for this training, I am going to offer it to you today for a heavily discounted rate of...
Just $197!
However, as an Introductory Offer for the NEXT FEW HOURS, I am going to discount “Book Layout 101” to make it even easier for MORE people, like you, to get in and benefit from this comprehensive training! Get your copy today for...
Just $197 $97!
This offer includes the following...
   • Access to the LIVE-Taught Training for All 4 Modules
   • Ongoing Replay Access for All 4 Modules
   • Module Slides PDF
   • BONUS: Easy Book Tutorials
Register Today for Just...
$197 $97!
Refund Policy: Due to the live-taught nature of this training and the heavily discounted, immense value included, NO REFUNDS will be offered. Everything you need to make an educated buying decision is included in the sales copy above. Thank you!
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